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Composition to the photographer is like punctuation to the writer: He learns the rules so he can knowledgeably and in a controlled way, depart from them as art requires. Composition is a means, and its end is helping the viewer to see.

My landscape photographs are my interpretation of the scene; how I see it and what it means to me. To me the sky is just as important as the ground or sea beneath, and why I often include so much of it, for this is where light comes from. The light creates the mood and atmosphere, be it low morning or evening sunlight, or splashes of sunlight shining through gaps in the cloud. The shadows light casts are what give the landscape its shape, form and texture. This combination of light, shadow, shape, form and texture is what gives my photographs, I hope, their ability to invoke an emotion within you. It's not important whether that emotion is the same as I experienced when making the photograph as long as it connects with you in some way.

I also carry this ethos through to the rest of my photography and I can bring my vision and experience to your product and commercial shoot, providing artistic input to help promote your product and company in the best possible way.

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