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Porsche 908 LH Coupé
I had a phone call from my mate Danny, editor of Arkadia Magazine, the other day,
'You busy mate?'
'I want you to photograph some things I found in a barn.'
'What kind of things?'
I'll pick you up in an hour and you can see for yourself.'

Three hours later - he has an old VW camper, say no more - he turned up at the door and off we toddled.....slowly. ;)

Eventually, we rolled to a squeaky stop outside a large barn somewhere in the depths of Dorset. 'Oi, it's this way' shouted Danny as I made a beeline for the cider press next door....maybe later then.

We walked into the gloomy depths of the barn and well, to say I was gobsmacked is an understatement, for there, parked up like it was ready to race, was a replica of a 1968 LeMans Porsche 908 LH Coupé, not something one sees every day, especially not in a dilapidated Dorset barn. Alongside it was the framework, or 'buck', as it's known in the trade, for a Mercedes W196 R 'Streamliner' as driven by Stirling moss in the 1950's and Lewis Hamilton at Monza in 2015. And then, as if that wasn't enough, lurking in some old cow stalls we found a classic, race prepped Porsche Carrera, whale tail and all.

Hmmm, how to photograph all this. In the end it was easy as the atmosphere inside the barn lent itself perfectly to some moody, nostalgic images. With shafts of sunlight streaming through the roof lights picking out the vehicles, it was a simple matter to expose for the gleaming white paintwork of the 908 and bright woodwork of the buck, throwing the background into semi-darkness. That, coupled with a large aperture for minimal depth of field, served to make them stand out from, but still keep them connected to, the dusty surroundings of the barn.......job done.

If you'd like to find out more about the cars in this article, and the man responsible for their creation, then you can read the full article, and see more images of them, in the latest (Autumn) edition of Arkadia magazine online here, or pick up a free hard copy from one of the many outlets across Dorset.

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